Saturday, January 30, 2016

Alligator Chase

My family and I recently went on a airboat tour of the Everglades. It was fun skimming across the grasslands, going through the twisting Mangrove tunnels, learning about plants, animals, and folklore. However, the highlight was when one of the alligators got a little too close for comfort. You can hear my girls panicking in the background. Personally, I was envisioning a cute pair of shoes or a purse

Chicken Rides Scooter

What do you do when you get a chicken for Christmas?  You name it Rambo, and teach it to ride your scooter!  Gotta love my grandson, Cross!

Ice Skating Fail

Have an ice day! My family and I recently went to Gatlinburg, TN where we went ice skating. By “we went ice skating”, I mean I cheered from the sideline. They no more stepped out onto the ice when an announcement was made to clear the ice. In this video, you can see the show my family put on long after everyone else had gracefully skated out of the rink. Notice at the end of the video, the workers do not look pleased at how long it took us to clear the ice. I can’t say that anyone in my family took to the ice in an exhibition that showed off their masterful skating skills; however, they were very entertaining.