Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Birthday

     Happy Birthday to my wonderful son, Buck. On the left, he is all smiles as he prepares to open his gifts. On the right, his big sister, Jenny, has now claimed his new toy. The doll is a Mattel Musical Love Notes - Bucky the Cowboy… a vintage toy. He plays harmonica sounds when you press his legs, arms and belly. Looking a little worn and tattered, Bucky, now sits proudly on display in my guest room. Unfortunately, Bucky is only worth about $16.00 now……not nearly enough to think about early retirement. 

     I cherish the years that brought us where we are today, but wish I had not counted the days to so many milestones like no more diapers, no more carrying 50 pounds of baby equipment to the car, no more car seats, or no more toys scattered all over the den. Now I think, “If I could just reach into this picture and hold these babies one more time!” 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Braces and Retainers

            My daughter’s orthodontic journey began in elementary school when our dentist fit her tiny mouth with a Frankel contraception (a wire device).  When she came walking out of his office, trying to smile at me, I knew we were in trouble.  Sounding much like a middle school cheerleader, I exclaimed,  “Awwwwww… exciting!”  I am actually wondering how he managed to get a football helmet inside her little mouth. 
            On the ride home, I noticed that when she attempted to talk, she sounded like she suddenly had a speech impediment or was maybe even speaking a foreign language (I was hoping it was the latter). Glancing over at her, I now realize she not only has a speech problem, she is also a drooler!  Yep, my adorable daughter was now slobbering! 
            The worst part of this memorable experience was that this contraception had to come out when she ate….not an easy task.   I’ll never forget the day that we had to drive over an hour out of our way to go…..back to a McDonald’s on the interstate where we had eaten lunch.   Fortunately, her dad was willing to dig through garbage bags and was able to find the slimy thing.  I am not sure I would have won any mother of the year awards that day. 
            Eventually  the dentist realized that her cheeks looked like a greedy squirrel that had stored enough nuts away to last for the next ten years.  She was refitted with something a little more stylish appropriate for her mouth.

Footnote:  The following Sunday we had photographers at church because it was “Old Fashion Sunday”…..and wouldn’t you know, it was her picture that was chosen to go in the local newspaper. 

Footnote:  The short haircut is another story….a bad perm had to be cut off  (which I am now blamed for even though she begged for it).  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Delivery Day

My son, Buck, and his wife, Ali,......

getting closer to delivery day!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Who needs braces...the kid or the dog?

     Old Sesame Street song.....One of these things is not like the other...can you tell which one is not like the other? Have you ever noticed that the dog has straighter teeth than the kid? (Vader and Jenny)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Does your child eat boogers?

      While watching my two year old grandson, Ryder, the other day, I noticed he was eating something.  Casually, I said, “Ryder, what are you eating?”  I am thinking he managed to get to the candy corn used in a center piece on the kitchen table.  With all the confidence in the world, he responds, “A booger!”   There was no hesitation and no shame in his response. At least he is building his immune system…..I just hope he still gets included in “play dates”. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Choosing the Perfect Shampoo

UGH!  Having curly (OK, sometimes frizzy hair), I am always trying to find that perfect shampoo!  I just want to look natural… know, like a movie star!  I want my hair to smell like a tropical rain forest and feel healthy!  With that said, I wish I could shop for shampoo like a man!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hump Day

I love Geico's new commercial with "Caleb", the "Hump Day" camel. He has such swagger. Hmmmmmm.....should the gecko be worried?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Creating Finger Faces When Bored!

     The next time you have to attend one of those mandatory meetings, try creating finger faces if you are bored!   So, you are sitting in a meeting counting tiles, checking out who is having a good or bad hair day, clicking your ballpoint pen bored out of your mind, just remember that you have a creative imagination!   Just start drawing on your fingers and snapping pictures with your phone.   It could be more fun than you think!  Now I am not saying any of the fingers in this picture belong to me (taken on data day at school), but I am not saying they aren't either!