Sunday, August 25, 2013

Frizzy Hair

     Frizzy Unruly Hair.....Welcome to your daily weather update…HUMID. It just so happens that I have Scott hair….I was taught this at a young age….Scott, meaning my bloodline (James and Mary Scott).  So, as a young child I learned that Scott hair is curly hair that quickly becomes frizzy in humid weather.  If you have curly hair, you know that it just does not mix with humidity.  Almost every day is a bad hair day.  Gels, frizz control products, mud, oils, and humidity hairsprays just don’t work.  I feel like I am always looking for products and/or shortcuts to keep the frizzies at bay.   Every month in Florida is August!  I have always wanted straight silky hair…you know the kind that flips back and forth in an adorable pony tail when you jog (of course I would have to take up jogging to experience this).  So, to all my curly headed friends, I feel your pain.  

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