Sunday, May 4, 2014

Awkward - Making Eye Contact through the Little Crack in the Bathroom Door

     Awkward Moment - when you make eye contact with a stranger through that little crack in the bathroom stall.  I have actually experienced this (many times) both on the inside and the outside of the bathroom stall.  The unspoken rule on this is… quickly look away as you don’t ever want to appear you have the “creep stare”.  Eye contact is important, especially in dating and gauging people’s attraction to you, BUT not when you are hovering over a toilet or sitting on a delicately line toilet seat with your pants around your knees (or lower).   Upon exiting the stall, you need to hold you head high and pretend you did not just make through-the-crack eye contact with a complete stranger.  Unfortunately, every now and then one of offenders will want to make awkward small talk as you exit or worst yet, introduce themselves to you.  I wonder how “Miss Manners would suggest we handle this?  Why can't someone make a public bathroom without that gleaming crack in the stainless steel door?   

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